Chinese Vegetarian Dishes in Hong Kong

Restaurant chefs there are creating vegetarian dishes that have texture, flavour and taste similar to their meat dish counterparts. Belows are some examples of their offering.

Cold Dishes Combo

Cha Chiu

Lettuce Wrap

Sweet and Sour Pork

Lemon Chicken

Maple Syrup Full of Antioxidants

Before you dig in to your next stack of French toast or waffles, you might want to pour on pure maple syrup.

That’s because University of Rhode Island researcher Navindra Seeram, who specializes in medicinal plant research, has found more than 20 compounds in maple syrup from Canada that have been linked to human health, 13 of which are newly discovered in maple syrup. In addition, eight of the compounds have been found in the Acer (maple) family for the first time.