Honey Is Not Suitable for Babies Under A Year Old

The Food Standards Agency in U.K. is reminding parents not to feed honey to babies who are under a year old. This follows a case of the rare but serious illness, infant botulism.

‘Although it might be tempting to give honey to your baby to ease coughs, infant botulism is a very serious illness and it simply isn’t worth the risk.’

There have only been 11 confirmed cases of infant botulism in the past 30 years, but three of these have occurred in the past year and all have had possible links to honey. The most recent case involved a 15-week-old baby.

Honey is safe for children over the age of one, but a younger baby’s gut is not sufficiently developed to be able to fight off the botulism bacteria. This is why parents are advised not to give babies honey until they are one year old.