Warm Sushi Meal

Below is the menu of a set lunch offered by a college cafeteria in Japan.

  • Steamed Chirashi Sushi with Eel Wrapped in Egg Roll
  • Chikara Soba
  • Shrimp, Mushroom and Vegetable Tempura
  • Peach Pudding

Pre-cooked Chinese New Year Dishes

Below are some common Chinese New Year dishes that are available pre-cooked by food suppliers in Hong Kong. People can ordered the dishes either by phone of through the internet. Before eating, the food and the sauce are warmed by microwave oven separately. The sauce is then poured over the food before serving.

Braised Pork Feet with Long Thread Moss

Roasted Pork Hog and Braised Egg

Whole Drunken Chicken

Eight Treasures Duck