Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang)

This soup is a hallmark of Korean cuisine. The combination of the medicinal properties of ginseng together with the nutritious chicken yields an energy boosting comfort food.

The following recipe is adapted from one published in the Healthful Korean Cooking by Noh Chin-hwa.



1 spring chicken
1 piece fresh ginseng
1/2 cup of sweet rice
10 cloves of garlic
10 jujubes (red dates)
6 chestnuts (peeled)
2 ginger slices
1 stalk green onion (chopped)
Salt and ground black pepper to taste


  1. Wash and rinse your chicken in cold running water.
  2. Soak sweet rice for 1 hour.
  3. Stuff the chicken with the sweet rice, ginseng, 5 red dates and 5 cloves of garlic. Sew the cavity with thread of skewer. Place it in a pot.
  4. Pour 8 cups water into the pot and boil it over high heat for 20 minutes. When it starts boiling, skim off any foam and fat.
  5. Add ginger, chestnut, and remining red dates and garlic. Boil over medium heat for 1 hour.
  6. Add salt, pepper and green onion just before eating.

Fresh Ginseng

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