Eating Tomatoes Benefits Health

Eating more tomatoes and tomato products can make people healthier and decrease the risk of conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, according to a review article in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Of all the non-starchy vegetables, Americans eat more tomatoes and tomato products than any others.

The researchers found that tomatoes are the biggest source of dietary lycopene; a powerful antioxidant that, unlike nutrients in most fresh fruits and vegetables, has even greater bioavailability after cooking and processing. Tomatoes also contain other protective mechanisms, such as antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory functions. Research has additionally found a relationship between eating tomatoes and a lower risk of certain cancers as well as other conditions, including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, ultraviolet light–induced skin damage, and cognitive dysfunction.


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Sukiyaki – Japanese Hot Pot

The meat, usually beef and vegetables are cooked at the table in a pot of broth seasoned with soysauce, sugar, mirin and sake. The cooked ingredients are dipped into a bowl of raw, beaten egg before eating.

The following are typical ingredients used in a meal for four persons.

  • 400g Beef
  • 2 stalks Leek
  • 1 pack Stringy konnyaku
  • 12 pieces Shiitake mushroom
  • 12 pieces Deep-fried tofu
  • 1 bunch Lettuce
  • Selected quantity of other vegetables such as enoki mushroom, burdock, or potato
  • Beef fat
  • 4 eggs

Red Meat and Bowel Cancer Risk

People should limit their consumption of red and processed meat to no more than 70g (about 2-1/2 oz) a day to help reduce their risk of bowel cancer, the Department of Health for England announced recently.

By red meat, they mean beef, lamb and pork plus minced meat or offal from the same animals. Examples of processed meat include ham, bacon, pâté, burgers, sausages, corned beef and salami.

The 70g refers to the cooked weight: when meat is cooked it loses a lot of water, so for example, about 130g (4-1/2 oz) of raw meat becomes 90g (about 3 oz) when it is cooked.


A Dessert Classic with Added Flavour

Gingered-beet Crème Brulée

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