Homemade vs Store-bought Sweet and Sour Sauce

HealthCastle.com compared a stir-fried chicken dish made with bottled sweet and sour sauce to their homemade sweet and sour chicken.

Check out the comparision and see their Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe ….

Protein-Rich Meals Benefit Weight Control

Protein-rich meals promote greater energy expenditure than carbohydrate-rich meals of equal calorie content, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers at the Nestlé Research Center compared the effects of various protein sources on energy metabolism, satiety and glucose control in humans. The study included 23 healthy adults who consumed three meals of equal calorie content consisting of 50% protein from whey, casein, and soy protein, respectively (with 40% carbohydrate and 10% fat), and a fourth, high-carbohydrate (95% carbohydrate) meal. Researchers measured the energy expenditure, thermic effect, glycemic response, and appetite sensations before and after the four different meals.

Results showed that the protein-rich meals led to a greater energy expenditure and thermic effect than the high-carbohydrate meal. The researchers also found the effects of whey were significantly greater than those of casein and soy and were accompanied by a trend for greater fat oxidation. All three proteins (in the presence of glucose) significantly lowered peak glycemia after the meal. Casein and soy protein lowered glycemia with little, if any, increase in insulin secretion above that of the glucose component of the meal.


A Taiwanese Popular Chicken Dish

Taiwanese Style Stewed Chicken with Three-cup Sauce

Source: Singtao Daily