Dog Kazari Maki Sushi How-to

1. Extend the length of a half-sheet nori by attaching a 1/4 piece of a half-sheet nori at one end using a few pieces of rice. Lay out 60 g of white sushi rice on one side of about 6 cm in length. Mix 40 g white rice with 2 tsp of crushed nori cooked in soy sauce and mirin. Place the mixed rice adjacent to the white rice. Spread 20 g of white rice next to the mixed rice.

2. Spread 60 g rice on top with a length of about 6 cm.

3. Place 1/3 of a half-sheet nori on top. Mix 10 g of white rice with 1 tsp black sesame seeds and put on top of the nori.

4. Fold up the two sides of the nori to enclose the rice mixed with sesame.

5. Add 20 g of rice on each side of the fold-up nori.

6. Fold down the ends of the nori to form the mouth.

7. Add 40 g of white rice to embed the nori. Roll up the matt to form a large roll.

8. Make two small rolls using 20 g white rice and 1/6 sheet of a half-sheet nori each for the ears. Cut the large and small rolls into individual pieces of same thickness. Assemble the ears to the head. Cut the eyes and whisker from nori and place on the face to complete.

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