Dragon Fly Kazari Maki Sushi How-to


Mix 80 g of sushi rice with 2 tbsp of red fish powder. Use the red sushi rice and 2 half-sheet nori to make 4 tear-shaped rolls to form the wings. Wrap a half-sheet nori around a piece of thick fried egg to form the body. The eyes are formed by wrapping two pieces of cylindrical carrot with a half-sheet nori.

Attached one half piece of a half-sheet nori to one end of a full half-sheet nori with a few grains of rice. Spread 130 g of white sushi rice on the nori leaving 3 cm empty at both ends. Place eyes roll in the middle and put 10 g rice on each side.

Place the body vertically above the eyes and the wings closely on two sides.

Mix 100 g of white rice with 1 tsp white sesame seeds and 1/2 tsp of nori flakes. Place mixed rice on top of the wings and the body. Roll up the nori with rice on the sides using the matt to form a large roll. Cut the roll into 4 pieces of equal thickness.

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