Pig Kazari Maki Sushi How-to

1. Mix 1½ tbsp fish powder with 300 g sushi rice. Spread 20 g rice on one 1/6 nori sheet. Roll into a cylinder. Cut the cylinder into 2 halves for the eyes.

2. Connect one half-sheet nori and one piece of 1/4 nori sheet with a few pieces of rice grains. Spread 100 g rice on nori, leaving 6 cm empty at both ends.

3. Place 20 g rice in the centre. Put the two eye-pieces on its adjacent sides. Spread 20 g rice each on the other side of the eyes.

4. Use one 1/4 nori sheet to wrap a piece of fish cake to form the nose. Put it on the centre of the heap of rice in the last step.

5. Spread 80 g rice to cover the nose and the eyes. Roll up the nori to form the head.

6. Roll and shape two rolls with 1/6 nori sheet and 20 g rice each to form the ears.

7. Cut head and ear rolls into individual pieces of same thickness. Assemble the ears to the head. Cut two small nori pieces to form the nostrils. Squeeze two drops of mayonnaise on the face to finish.

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