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Oatmeal Beats Ready-to-eat Cereal on Satiety

Remember the gluey texture of the oatmeal your mom served you as a kid? Turns out, this is a good thing, according to new research comparing the satiating effects of oatmeal versus ready-to-eat cereals.

The key to oats’ effect on satiety is in fact the viscous nature the oat fiber develops when fully hydrated. And, according to a new study presented last week, it has to be in oatmeal itself. The oats and oat fiber added to boxed cereals has been changed by the manufacturing processes common to ready-to-eat cereals (RTEC).

“RTEC is often produced via an extrusion process, and that changes the molecular weight of the fiber itself. The soluble fiber is the component that influences satiety; it absorbs a lot of water and becomes viscous,” Marianne O’Shea, senior director of nutrition R&D for Pepsico told FoodNavigator-

“If you change or reduce the molecular weight of that fiber it does not reach the same level of viscosity. The thickness is not there any more,” she said.

The study, sponsored by PepisCo on behalf of its Quaker Oats brand and presented at the Experimental Biology 2013 conference in Boston, MA, showed that an oatmeal breakfast enhanced feelings of fullness and helped curb hunger to a significantly greater extent than a leading oat-based ready-to-eat cereal (RTEC).

Candida Rebello, RD, MS, of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, presented the research on the impact of eating oatmeal versus a RTEC of equal calories. The statistically significant results show that oatmeal enhances satiety, feelings of fullness and reduces the desire to eat more than RTEC.


French Cuisine in Japan

The Food

The Resturant – Narisawa, Tokyo – No.20 of the 2013 World’s Top 50 Restaurants and No.1 Amongst Asian Restaurants

Vegetables with Brown Rice


300 g brown rice
100 g pumpkin, peeled and diced
200 g asparagus, peeled and diced
100 g Shanghai bok choy, diced
60 g corn kernels
1 tsp bonito stock powder
1 tsp dried shrimp
1 tbsp shredded bonito


  1. Soak brown rice and set aside for 3 hours.
  2. Cook brown rice in rice cooker with water.
  3. Add 2 cups of water and bonito stock powder in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Add pumpkin, corn and vegetables. Cook for 3 minutes. Drain and set aside.
  4. Add vegetables into rice cooker after the rice is cooked. Mix well to combine.
  5. Spoon rice and vegetables into serving bowls. Sprinkle with shredded bonito and serve.

Source: Hong Kong magazine

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