Tokyo Restaurant Offers One-foot Tall Tempura Dish

Tokyo is a massive, sprawling metropolis. There are so many twisting back alleys that by the time you’ve convinced yourself you’ve seen it all, something new has popped up back at the start of your route

Presented with this limitless variety, you could easily eat at a new restaurant every single day and never go hungry.

Located near Kunitachi Station on the Chuo Line, roughly half an hour west of downtown Tokyo, the restaurant Fukugawa Tsuribune is famous for two things: delicious tempura, and massive portions.

Kakiage are tempura chunks of diced vegetables such as carrots and onions, and also usually contain tiny little shrimp called sakura ebi which are eaten whole.

The kakiage bowl originally came topped with just three pieces. The restaurant offers one giagantic Kakiage bowl everyday. The bowl has 42 pieces of Kakiage.

There’s no penalty for failing to eat all of the kakiage bowl within the time limit. Instead, Fukugawa Tsuribune packages up any remaining kakiage for you to take home, something almost unheard of at restaurants in Japan.