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Pineapple Fried Rice


1 fluid cup long-grain rice
4 oz boneless skinless chicken breast or thigh
4 oz frozen medium shell-on shrimp
2 large egg (beaten)
2 oz onion (thinly sliced)
3 oz tomato (seeded and finely diced)
4 oz fresh or canned pineapple tidbit
1 Tbsp or to taste fresh red chili (minced)
1 Tbsp garlic (minced)
3 stalks green onion (chopped)
3 Tbsp or to taste cilantro (chopped)
2 Tbsp or to taste additional fresh sliced chili for garnishing
3 oz roasted cashew nut

Chicken Marinade:

1 tsp fish sauce
1 tsp water
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1 tsp oil

Rice Seasoning:

2 Tbsp fish sauce
3/4 tsp chicken broth mix


  1. Cook rice 1 day in advance. Cool and refrigerate overnight.
  2. Bring refrigerated rice to room temperature before cooking.
  3. Thaw frozen shrimp in refrigerator overnight or in a colander under running cold tap water. Peel shrimp and devein, if any. Dry shrimp with paper towel. Cut shrimp into smaller pieces.
  4. Slice chicken into thin shreds and add marinade. Set aside for about 20 minutes.
  5. Beat egg with 1/8 tsp salt.
  6. Mix rice seasoning ingredients and set aside.
  7. Heat wok and add 3 Tbsp oil. Sauté garlic, onion and chili for 1 minute. Add chicken. Stir-fry until no longer pink. Add shrimp. Stir-fry until shrimp turns pink. Remove.
  8. Add another 1½ Tbsp oil to wok. Add egg. When half set, add rice. Toss to combine. Add rice seasoning ingredients and toss for another minute. Return chicken and shrimp to wok. Add tomato, pineapple and green onion. Toss to combine. Remove onto serving platter. Sprinkle cilantro, chili and cashew on top. Mix before serving.

Nutrition value for 1/6 portion of recipe:

Calorie 377, Fat 20.4 g, Carbohydrate 35 g, Fibre 2 g, Sugar 4 g, Cholesterol 111 mg, Sodium 822 mg, Protein 14 g.

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