Pan-fried Wagyu Beef and Foie Gras


3 lb rib of Wagyu beef
sea salt and black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp butter
smoked pommes puree (see recipe below)

Roasted Artichokes

8 baby artichokes 1 lemon, halved
1 garlic clove, peeled
1 thyme sprig, plus extra to garnish
2 tbsp butter

Miso-glazed Foie Gras

12 oz foie gras
2 tbsp sake
2 tbsp mirin
4 tsp sugar
3/4 oz miso paste


  1. Trim the beef and cut off the flank. Cut the rib-eye in two (save one half for other recipe). Wrap the other half in plastic wrap and chill.
  2. Prepare the artichokes one at a time. First, squeeze the juice from one lemon half into a bowl of cold water. Peel off the coarse outer layer of leaves to reveal the soft inner leaves. Trim off the tops, then peel off the tough skin coverint, the base. Immediately immerse in the lemon water to prevent it from discoloring. Repeat with the other artichokes.
  3. Bring a pan of salted water to a boil with the garlic, thyme, and the juice from the other lemon half. Blanch the artichokes for 4 to 6 minutes until tender when pierced with a skewer. Drain and refresh in a bowl of iced water, then drain again. Halve the artichokes and scoop out the furry core with a small spoon. Set aside until ready to serve.
  4. Cut the foie gras into portions, each slice about 1/2-inch thick; chill until ready to cook. Put the sake and mirin into a pan and boil for a few minutes to burn off the alcohol, then add the sugar and stir to dissolve. Stir in the miso paste and cook over medium heat for a minute or two until the mixture has thickened slightly. Let cool completely.
  5. When ready to serve, heat the olive oil and butter in a skillet. Season the beef and pan-fry for 3 to 4 minutes on each side until browned and medium rare, basting with the butter. Remove to a warm plate to rest while you cook the artichokes and foie gras.
  6. Season the artichokes with salt and pepper. Heat the butter in a skillet and pan-fry the artichokes for 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown at the edges. Transfer to a plate.
  7. Wipe out the pan and return to the heat. Season the foie gras slices and pan-fry over high heat for 30 seconds on each side. Remove and brush with the miso glaze.
  8. To serve, cut the beef into portions and brush with the miso glaze. Place on warm serving plates and top with a slice of foie gras. Add the roasted artichokes and a spoonful of smoked pommes puree. Garnish the artichokes with thyme to serve.

Makes 4 servings.

Smoked Pommes Puree


1 lb 2 oz fingerling potatoes, such as La Ratte, washed
sea salt and black pepper
scant 1 cup butter
generous 1/3 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup milk
4 drops of smoked hickory essence


  1. Add the potatoes to a pan of salted water, bring to a boil, and simmer for 20 minutes or lentil tender when pierced with a skewer. Drain well. Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands, peel off the skins while the potatoes are still hot. Mash the potatoes, using a potato ricer if you have one, then push them through a fine strainer.
  2. Heat the butter, cream, and milk in a pan until the butter has melted. Add the potatoes and stir well to mix. To get a silky smooth result, push the puree through a fine strainer once again. Stir in the smoked hickory essence and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Makes 4 to 6 servings

Source: Gordon Ramsay’s Maze