Italian-style Panna Cotta with Peaches


1-1/4 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
2 tablespoons water
1-1/4 cups heavy cream
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 cup plain low-fat yogurt
1/4 cup mild honey
1/8 teaspoon pure almond extract

Lemon-thyme Peaches

1-1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon thyme leaves
1 tablespoon sugar
3 peaches, peeled if desired, pitted, and thinly sliced


  1. To make the panna cotta, sprinkle gelatin over water in a small heavy saucepan and let stand for 1 minute to soften. Stir in cream and salt, then heat gently over medium-low heat, stirring, until gelatin has dissolved.
  2. Whisk together yogurt, honey, and almond extract, then whisk in cream mixture.
  3. Pour mixture into four small bowls and chill, covered, until set, at least 8 hours.
  4. To prepare the peaches, mince lemon thyme with sugar, then toss with peaches. Let macerate, stirring occasionally, at room temperature for 20 minutes. While peaches macerate, let panna cotta stand at room temperature.
  5. To serve, top bowls of panna cotta with peaches and their juice. Drizzle with additional honey if desired.

Makes 4 servings.

Tip for Unmolding Panna Cotta

The translation from Italian — “cooked cream” — doesn’t begin to convey how luscious the gently gelled sweet cream mixture called panna cotta is. The amount of gelatin determines how tender the results will be. If you don’t plan to unmold the dessert, you can play a bit with the gelatin, lowering it to a point where the panna cotta is set so softly that it holds its shape on a spoon but dissolves into a puddle on your tongue, like this one.

If you want to try molded versions, be sure to lightly oil your molds first and chill the panna cotta well, at least 6 hours. When it’s time to turn them out, dip each mold for about 10 seconds in a bowl of warm water, then dry off the bottom before inverting it onto a plate.

Source: Gourmet Italian