Egg Idioms From Around The World

Saacha Bos wrote . . . . .

Procurar cabelo em ovo: To look for hair on an egg = to give too much importance to insignificant details. (Brazil)

(Dat is een) eijte: (That is a) small egg = that’s very easy. (Netherlands)

Etwas für ‘n Appel und ‘n Ei kaufen: To buy something for an apple and an egg = buy something at a bargain; cheap. (Germany)

Los huevos se pusieron duros: The eggs have gotten hard = times are tough. (Puerto Rico)

Kümmere Dich nicht um ungelegte Eier: Don’t worry about unlaid eggs = we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. (Germany)

Jī dàn li tiāo gǔ tou (鸡蛋里挑骨头): To look for bones in an egg = to nitpick. (China)

Yǐ luǎn jī shí (以卵击石): To strike a stone with an egg: to attempt the impossible, to test one’s fate) Mandarin

Dat is het hele eiereneten: That is the entire egg dish = that’s the whole story. (Netherlands)

Me da hueva: Give me egg = I don’t want to, it makes me tired. (Mexico)

Es un huevo sin sal: An egg without salt = a mediocre, dull person; without spirit. (Spain)

Er was geen kip: There was no chicken = there was nobody. (Netherlands)

De kip met gouden eieren slachten: To slaughter the chicken with the golden eggs = to get rid of something that makes you a lot of money. (Netherlands)

Lopen als een kip die haar ei niet kwijt kan: Walking like a chicken who can’t lose her egg = pacing nervously. (Netherlands)

Yaitza’ ku’ritzu nye u’chat (Яйца курицу не учат): An egg does not teach the chicken. (Russia)

Se parecen como un huevo a una castaña: As similar as an egg to a chestnut = not similar at all. (Spain)

Source: Lucky Peach