Apple ‘Tarte Fine’


5 egg yolks
500 g puff pastry
flour, for dusting
15 golden delicious apples
3 tbsp caster (superfine) sugar
120 g butter
Grand Marnier, for drizzling, optional

Ice Cream

260 ml cream
260 ml milk
100 g glucose
1 vanilla bean, scraped
60 g sugar

Caramel Sauce

200 g sugar
50 ml water
260 ml cream


  1. Turn on ice cream machine to cool down. Preheat oven to 220ºC.
  2. To make the ice cream, place the cream, milk, glucose and scraped vanilla bean in a saucepan and heat to just below boiling.

  3. Place sugar and egg yolks in a bowl and whisk to combine. While whisking, slowly pour hot cream mixture over eggs until well combined. Return mixture to the saucepan and set over medium heat, stirring, until mixture thickens and coats the back of the spoon. Remove from heat, strain into a bowl and cool down over iced water.
  4. Churn cooled mixture in an ice cream machine according to manufacturer’s instructions. Once churned, set aside in the freezer.
  5. To make the tarts, roll out the pastry on a lightly floured work surface to 3 mm thick.
  6. Using a 15 cm round cutter, cut out six discs & place on grease proof paper lined tray. Crimp the edges with fingertips pressing firmly. Prick each disc with the tines of a fork to prevent the pastry from rising and set aside in the fridge.
  7. Cut the ends off each apple then peel, cut three cheeks off each apple avoiding the core. Slice each apple cheek as thinly as possible. Cut out 6 x 2.5 cm discs of apple.
  8. Remove pastry discs from fridge and fan apple slices on each puff pastry disc until only a small hole remains in the center. Fill the hole with a disc of apple.
  9. Sprinkle each tart with sugar and place a dot of the butter on top. Place in the oven to bake until apple is colored, about 20 minutes.
  10. Remove from the oven, drizzle lightly with Grand Marnier, flip over tarts then return them to oven to continue cooking until brown and crispy. About a further 5-10 minutes.
  11. To make the caramel sauce, place sugar and water in a saucepan and set over medium heat. Cook, brushing down the saucepan sides with water until sugar is golden and caramelized. Remove from heat, add cream and whisk to combine.
  12. Serve tarts with ice cream and caramel sauce

Makes 6 servings.

Source: Australian Masterchef