Vegetarian Cup Noodles

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Nissin has released their first ever vegetarian Cup Noodles. The meat-free soy sauce flavor will hit shelves alongside the already existing lineup of chicken, spicy chicken, and beef flavored Cup Noodles today. You can find the new option at most grocery stores for 99 cents.

This new vegetarian-friendly option from Cup Noodles follows Top Ramen’s two vegetarian varieties, which were released late 2017. During Top Ramen’s rebrand, the company cut sodium, removed artificial flavors, removed added MSG, and added two new vegetarian options to their lineup. The Oriental flavor dropped the beef flavoring, and was renamed as vegetarian soy sauce ramen. Additionally, Top Ramen released a vegetarian chili flavored package of noodles.

The new Cup Noodles vegetarian soy sauce flavor features edamame, carrots, and bok choy, which is a great option if you want to up your veggie intake.

Source: My Recipes

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