Meatless Monday for Patients of NYC Health + Hospitals in the U.S.

Patients of the NYC Health + Hospitals now see a greener menu, especially on Mondays. The program was launched in Mid-January, 2019.

Chef Charlie Smith is in charge of preparing an entirely meatless meal on Mondays for all 11 hospitals.

He says there are meatless options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the patient can also choose a meat option if they want one.

Hospital officials say they will offer meat to patients who ask for a meat entrée, so they are not forcing it on anybody.

Meatless Monday will include choices like black bean soup, spaghetti, fruit, vegetables, garden burgers, hummus and three-bean chili.

Health officials say a plant-based diet can benefit those with Type 2 diabetes, inflammation and autoimmune disease, as well as helping with cancer prevention.

NYC Health + Hospitals says that as time goes on, Meatless Mondays may grow to every day of the week.

In response to the new dietary pledge, Borough President Eric Adams said in a statement in part, “NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest municipal hospital and health care system in the country, is leading the charge to create a healthier and more sustainable future by adopting Meatless Monday.”

Source: NEWS12