In Pictures: New Spring and Summer Menu of Coco’s Japan

Scallop and shrimp with lemon cream

Seafood soup pasta

Pizza quattroformage

Vegetables and mxed nuts curry

Caribbean chicken jambalaya

Chicken steak and vegetables

Small bowl and hamburger steak set meal

Pudding a la mode

My Food: 2022 New Year’s Day 6-course Fusion Lunch

Lobster Bisque

Persimmon Salad, Spinach, Belgian Endive, Pomegranate Seeds, Goat Cheese

Seared Jumbo Scallop, Radicchio, Cucumber, Carrot Ribbons

Braised Duck Leg with Chinese Tangerine Peel, Brussels Sprouts, Grilled Radicchio

Three Treasures (Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber) Fried Rice

Almond Paste Stuffed Puff Pastry Topped with Candied Sliced Almond and Chocolate

Afternoon Tea Set of Flame in Hong Kong


Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon with Guacamole on Greenhouse Cucumber

Quesadillas with Shrimp, Arugula, Semi Dries Tomato

Crabless Cake with Figs Marmalade

Spinach Quiche

Deep-fried Mozzarella Stick

Caramel Crème Brulee

Chestnut Tartlet

New York Cheese Cake


Osmanthus, Apple & Pear Tea

The price is HK$368 (plus 10%) for 2 persons.

My Food: Father’s Day 6-course Tasting Dinner

Scallop Bisque

Octopus Salad

Tomato, Cucumber and Goat Cheese Tart

Scrambled Egg with Diced Lobster Tail, Shrimp Chips

Grilled Duck Breast, Bacon and Sautéed Vegetables

Tiramisu with Cashew Cream

My Food

I cooked an 8-course fusion Dinner on Father’s Day.

Prosciutto, Cucumber and Hami-melon Skewer

Consomme with Abalone and Mixed Vegetables

Shrimp on Spelt Bread Toast

Baked Italian-style Stuffed Indian Eggplant

Grilled Black Cod with Teriyaki Glaze

Grilled Garlic Butter Lobster Tail on Cauliflower Puree

Angus Striploin Steak, Ricotta Zucchini Fritters, Shimiji Mushroom and Vegetables

Coffee Gelatin and Walnut Puff Pastry Mini-straw