In Pictures: Desserts of Amando Roppongi in Japan

Fig and Jelly Parfait

Pear and Tea Jelly Parfait

Fig and Pear Sundae

Ring Choux

Strawberry Ring Choux

Shine Muscat Ring Choux





Mid-summer Afternoon Tea of Hotel Pullman Tokyo

The price is 3,300 yen (tax included).

Lounge Junction (ラウンジ ジャンクション)





Chicken Curry Set Meal of Ootoya Japan

The price is 860 yen (tax included).

大戸屋 Nagoya Store





Seasonal French Lunch Set of Hakone Hotel in Japan

The main dish is Fish and Seafood Poêlé with 2-color Sauce.

The price is 4,000 yen (tax and service charge included).

Il Miraggio (イル・ミラジィオ)





New Chinese Dishes of Kanto Area Stores of Lawson Japan

Dishes developed by Chongqing Restaurant (重慶飯店)

White Dan Dan Noodles

Chinese Beef Curry

Sichuan Steamed Chicken (口水鶏) and Lettuce Sandwiches

Spicy Ground Pork Rice Ball

The prices are from 177 yen to 599 yen (tax included).