Dessert for Valentine’s Day Dinner 2012

Healthy Brownie, Strawberry, Home-made Cookie (cut into heart shape), Amani 75% Cocoa Dark Chocolate and Mango Sauce

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Posted on 2012/02/16

Home-made Ice Cream

I made chestnut ice cream and chocolate ice cream at home. These ice cream are full-flavoured and tasty but contain controlled amount of fat and sugar contents. The professional ice cream maker really helps to make good ice cream.

Posted on 2010/01/01

Thai Coconut Custard in Pumpkin

Coffee-flavoured Coconut Pudding and Chocolate Ice Cream Served with Ice Wine

Ginger Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Brownie

Combo of Pennacotta, Orange Peel Chocolate and Brandy Snap

Black Forest Birthday Cake

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