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The recipes were all tried and tested in my kitchen in Winnipeg. I have made changes on some of the recipes originally developed in Hong Kong to adapt to the availability of ingredients in the City. While most of the ingredients should be available in the major grocery stores, some special ingredients can only be purchased from Chinese grocery stores in China Town and in other parts of the City.

While the recipes were developed to the taste of my family, many of my friends and the participants of my cooking classes had found them just right for their taste too. However, you can always make some modifications to suit your own taste bud. In general, the amount of salt and sugar can be increased or decreased to your own taste. On the other hand, different brands of processed ingredients such as soy sauce, chili sauce, and cornstarch may affect the color, saltiness, hotness, crispness, desirable thickening effect, etc. You may have to make adjustment of the quantity to achieve the desirable results.

I do not use pure MSG in all my recipes. I use instead chicken broth mix (or vegetable stock mix for vegetarian dishes) to enhance the flavour of the food. However, chicken broth mix or vegetable stock mix still contains a small amount of MSG. If you are intolerant of MSG, you should omit the chicken broth mix or the vegetable stock mix. If you have other food allergy and/or on special diet or cooking for someone with such conditions, you should use the same caution and practice that you have adopted in your regular cooking when using my recipes.

If you follow my recipes, the correct measurement of the ingredients (using a kitchen scale for weight measurement and proper measurement spoons) and the techniques I demonstrated during my cooking classes, I am confident that you will be able to make a delicious dish. Nevertheless, the result of the cooking would depend on many factors such as the freshness, grade and quality of the ingredients, cooking time, the appropriate level of heat during cooking, and others. Excellence and perfection will only come through practice.

Life is too short for bad food….

Happy Cooking!

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