Character Sweets of Family Mart Japan

Moomin (ムーミン) and Snufkin (スナフキン) Character Wagashi

The price is 398 yen (tax included) for a box of two.

Pokemon Doughnuts of Krispy Kreme Australia

The box of dozen doughnuts is available exclusively online for a limited time for A$29.95.

New Micky and Mini Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins Japan

Limited quantity is available for 1,850 yen (plus tax) for a box of 5 cups.

New Character Sweets at Lawson stores in Japan

Japanese sweets of cats “Luna” and “Artemis”

Limited quantity of the mochi sweets with bean paste and cream filling will be sold at 264 yen plus tax for a box of 2 pieces from February 16.

Character Sweets

Pompompurin Valentine Donuts

Korokoro Cup Donuts

The donuts are available for a limited time online and at stores of Floresta in Japan.