New Character Donut from Krispy Cream Donut Japan

Crispy Cream Premium Present Bear

The donut is available for a limited time at 300 yen each (tax included).


Cute Donut from Krispy Cream Donut, Japan

Krispy Cream Premium Halloween Witch

The donut is available from October 1st to October 31st for the price of 280 yen each (tax included).

New Cute Character Donut from Krispy Cream Donut Japan

Moon Rabbit

The moon viewing rabbit donut will be offered for a limited time for 280 yen each (tax included).

New Sweets – Donuts with Fruits and Vegetables

Limited-time offer by Mister Donut in Japan

Soy milk cream whipped with vegetable and fruit is sandwiched between donuts made with flour mixed with vegetable powders of red, yellow and green colours respectively. The size of the new donut is smaller than the current donuts. Its diameter is about 5 cm.

Strawberry and Tomato

Apple and Carrot

Pineapple and Spinach

Video: Taco Donut

High-end SoCal taqueria Puesto in California has created what appears to be the world’s first “taco donut.” Instead of a fried dough crammed with taco toppings and fillings, however, this is a $60 shareable platter of a half-dozen high-end, high-quality tacos served in the shape of the popular breakfast staple.

It is high-end because of the fancy Filet Mignon and Maine lobster that get jam-packed into this cool new item.

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