In Pictures: Halloween Bento

Halloween Sandwich

Peter Pham wrote . . . . . . . . .

To celebrate Halloween, Denny’s is releasing an eerie take on their classic Moons Over My Hammy. The iconic breakfast melt, which features scrambled eggs, ham, American and Swiss cheese, will now sport a bright blue aesthetic.

The Blue Moons Over My Hammy will be available for one day only at select Denny’s locations throughout Miami, FL, on October 31.

Source: Food Beast

Halloween Cake: Pumpkin Baumkuchen

The “pumpkin baum” that looks like a real pumpkin, is made by baumkuchen specialty shop “Lara¬∑Itai” in Japan.

Matcha is used for the outer baumkuchen. The moist and sweet yellow part filling is pumpkin mousse .

The “pumpkin seed” in the mousse is chocolate flake with caramel flavor. Real pumpkin seeds are on the top of the baum. You can enjoy various tastes and texture when eating it!

The price of the cake is 2,200 yen (tax included).

Cute Halloween Cakes

Halloween Monster Cake

Ghost Cheesecake

Cute Donut from Krispy Cream Donut, Japan

Krispy Cream Premium Halloween Witch

The donut is available from October 1st to October 31st for the price of 280 yen each (tax included).