New Character Sweets

Hello Kitty wagashi with apple-flavour bean paste filling

My Melody wagashi with strawberry-flavour red bean paste filling

The Japanese sweets are available from Lawson Japan stores for 280 yen each (tax included).

Character Food: Hello Kitty Lunch of Lawson Japan

The Menu

  • Kitty Inari Sushi
  • Tuna Mayo Roll Sushi
  • Deep-fried Chicken
  • Hamburger
  • Fried Corn
  • Red Sausage
  • Spaghetti
  • Hard-boiled Egg
  • Potato Salad

The price of the lunch is 380 yen (tax included).

In Pictures: Food and Drink of Pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe in Fukuoka, Japan

In Pictures: Character Foods and Drink of Hello Kitty Cafe in Osaka, Japan

Hello Kitty Character Sweets

The Cafe in Kyoto, Japan