Bagelrito – The New Hybrid of Bagel and Burrito

The new food is created by the chefs of Einstein Bros Bagels chain in the U.S.

The Bagelrito is stuffed with two cage-free eggs, thick cut bacon, turkey sausage, a three-cheese blend, hash brown, salsa, green chiles, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. The burrito is then wrapped in a freshly-baked Asiago bagel.

The bagel chain is now market testing the new hybrid at 5 locations in Colorado.

Korean-American Hybrid Burger at Quarters Kitchen in Orange County, U.S.A.

Bulgogi Burger

The burger is stacked with soy-marinated ribeye steak, lettuce, mushroom, cheese, and Quarter’s house signature sauce, all of which sits in between two brioche buns.

Source: FoodBeast

Hybrid Pastry: The Croncha

A Combination of French Croissant and Mexican Concha Bread

New Hybrid Snack – Cheese Tard (チーズタルド)

Combined Cheese Tart and Donut – Jointly developed by Mister Donut and cheese tart specialty store Pablo

Hybrid Sweet: Combining Pie and Shaved Ice

Apple Pie Shaved Ice

Nutella Banana Pie Shaved Ice

The new sweets are offered by Pie Holic in Japan for 650 yen plus tax each.