What’s for Lunch?

Italian-style Lunch at Cafe Prato in Kanagawa, Japan

The Menu

Squid and Mashed Potatoes

Pancetta, Fried Egg and Brown Butter Lasagna

In Pictures: Food of Ristorante Berton in Milan, Italy

Modern Italian Cuisine

The Restaurant

What’s for Dinner?

Home-cooked Italay Sicilian-style 4-course Dinner

The Menu

Arancini with white wine and Parmesan

Sicilian pizza

Pasta alla Norma

Whipped ricotta and lemon zest cannoli

What’s for Lunch?

Home-cooked Italian-style Lunch

The Menu

Tomato and Mozzarella

Spaghetti Carbonara

Green Salad with Marinated Ham

Dessert – Sweet Potato

What’s for Dinner?

Home Cooked Italian-style Dinner

The Menu


Crispy bacon and boiled potato, broad beans and onion, and salad with lettuce, snap pea, tomato.

Green Peas Risotto