New Desserts of Ginza Cozy Corner in Tokyo, Japan

Peach Parfait and Peach Milk Frappe

Peach Sandwich

What’s for Dinner?

Fish Set Meal at うなぎ湖畔 Motel in Kagoshima, Japan

Asian Sweets Fair at CoCo’s Japan

Korean-style Brown Sugar Soybean Flour Shaved Ice

Cotton Candy Mango Shaved Ice

Taiwan-style Soy Milk Sweet with Sweet Potato and Fruits

Roasted Soy Flour Parfait

Taiwan Festival at Baskin Robbins Japan

A large collection of Taiwanese flavored ice creams

A new flavor “Sunny Pineapple Cake”

What’s for Lunch?

Vegetarian Set Lunch at VegeCafe Lotus in Toyohashi, Japan

The main dish is Veggie Spanish Omelet.