What’s for Lunch?

Italian-style Lunch at Cafe Prato in Kanagawa, Japan

The Menu

Squid and Mashed Potatoes

Pancetta, Fried Egg and Brown Butter Lasagna

Food in the Menu of the Crab Festival at Restaurants of the Sushiro Chain in Japan




New Sweet at McDonald’s Stores in Japan

Double Chocolate Melts

The sweet features soft chocolate bread with sweet cocoa flavour covered in rich chocolate sauce.

It will be available for a limited time period for the price of 330 yen (tax included).

Cakes for Shichi-Go-San Festival (七五三节)

Taditional festival day in Japan for seven-year-old girls, five-year-old boys and three-year-old boys and girls, held annually on November 15

Crab Burger of DomDom Hamburger in Japan

The burger with a whole soft-shell crab sandwiched between buns is a limited-time offering of the hamburger chain.

Sweet chili sauce is usd for seasoning.

The price of the burger is 900 yen (plus tax).