What’s for Dinner?

Seafood Set Dinner at Rose Terrace Restaurant in Ibaraki, Japan

The price is 3,600 yen plus tax.

Sweet Potato Pancake of Egg’n Things Japan

The price is 1,680 yen.

What’s for Lunch?

Sushi Bento from Hamazushi in Tokyo in Japan

Contains 2 fried oyster, 6 sushi (tuna, scallops, salmon, true squid, shrimp, porch), inari, thick-grilled eggs, shredded cabbage and pickled vegetable. The price is 500 yen.

2-colour Fresh Grapes Fall Desserts

What’s for Lunch?

Atka Mackerel Set Lunch at Yayoyi Ken in Tokyo, Japan

The price is 890 yen (plus tax).