What’s for Dinner?

Home-cooked Japanese Dinner

The Menu

  • Boiled Flounder with Seaweed and Japanese Green
  • Variety of Pickles
  • Miso Soup with Eggplant and Fried-tofu
  • Cooked Rice

What’s for Lunch?

Vegetarian Set Lunch at Cafe Lotus in Toyohashi, Japan

The Menu

  • Stri-fry Burdock in Coconut Oil
  • Vegetables with Sake Lees Paste
  • Agar Jelly of Bean Sprout and Long Yam
  • Fried Tofu with Pickles
  • Stir-fried Cabbage with Red Miso Sauce
  • Stir-fried Bamboo Shoot with Olive Oil
  • Seeweed Salad
  • Mushroom and Leek Soup
  • Sprouted Brown Rice

Hard-to-Melt Ice Pops

Muji (無印良品) is going to release the new sweets at 60 of its stores in Japan. The frozen pop will hold its shape in room temperature for 30 minutes.

The pops come in two flavours, “Peach and Pine” and “Mango and Kiwi”.

The price is 190 yen each (tax included).

What’s for Lunch?

Japanese Lunch at Tatenosouhonten (館乃総本店) in Nagazaike, Japan

The Menu

Tempura pumpkin, snap pea, shrimp, and fresh onion

Grilled Japanese mackerel and bamboo shoot


Dessert – Coffee jelly, cherry wagashi, cherry roll cake and strawberry

What’s for Dinner?

Five-course French Dinner at Ristorante Kamakura Felice (リストランテ 鎌倉 フェリーチェ) in Inamuragasaki, Japan

The Menu

Mozzarella and green vegetables with white wine

Cauliflower bread in consomme soup

French white asparagus and Tagliatelle with goat cheese

Grilled quail with wild asparagus, radicchio and mushroom

Dessert – Crema Catalana