In Pictures: Japanese-style Home-cooked Cold Noodle

Cold Somen with Tempura Leek, Seaweed and Plum Slices

Cold Somen with Pork and Tomato

Cold Soba with Pork Belly and Mushrooms

Cold Udon with Tomato

Cold Soba with Yam, Okra and Natto

Cold Somen with Tomato and Basil


In Pictures: Food of Ryota Kappou Modern in Hong Kong

Modern Japanese Cuisine

The Restaurant

What’s for Lunch?

Ramen and Sushi at a Restaurant (真鯛らぁめん まちかど) in Ebisu, Japan

The Menu

  • Red Sea Bream Ramen
  • Mackerel Pressed Sushi

The price of the lunch is 1,250 yen (tax included).

What’s for Dinner?

Home-cooked Japanese Dinner

The Menu


  • Cold Tofu with Green Onion, Dried Bonito and Grated Ginger
  • Simmered Radish
  • Long-stamen Chive and Broad Beans with Miso, Vinegar and Sugar Dressing
  • Pickled Daikon

Iberico Pork Cutlet (トンカツ) and Shredded Cabbage

What’s for Lunch?

Japanese Vegan Teppanyaki Lunch at Yasai in Roppongi, Japan

The Menu

Vegetable Juice

Beetroot and Radish Salad

Soy Milk and Green Onion Soup

Grilled Vegetables

Hamburger with Takano Tofu and Vegetables

Gluten Free Yam Okonomiyaki.

Dessert – Fresh Strawberries