New Pancakes of J.S. Pancake Cafe in Japan

Cute Pink Berry Pancake

Cool Black Berry Pancake

The pancakes are available for a limited time period for 1,280 Yen (plus tax) each.

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Video: The Ultimate Pancakes Guide

Everyone seems to swear by a different pancake recipe. How can you griddle up the perfect pancakes for your Saturday morning breakfast?

Watch video at You Tube (5:00 minutes) . . . . .

Pancakes of J.S. Pancake Cafe in Japan

Chestnut Mont Blanc Pancakes

Pancakes with Shine Muscat (grapes from Yamanashi Prefecture)

Pancake with Golden Pumpkin Pudding

A Taste of Autumn Pancake

Matcha and Black Bean Pancake

The pancake dish is sold for 1,380 yen in Japan.