Leading European Foodgroup Say Goodbye to Meat to Concentrate on Plant-based Market

Following the sale of meat company Enkco, Vivera Foodgroup is entering a meatless future with the remaining plant-based companies in its portfolio which includes Vivera (one of the largest producers of plant-based products in Europe), Culifrost and Dutch Tofu Company.

According to the group, it has “strong ambitions and aims at large-scale investments in expanding production capacity and product range,” which could mean new plant-based products hitting supermarket shelves in the near future.

Vivera is well-known for its meat replacement products such as its ‘ground-breaking’ steak, and is keen to expand the production capacity of its Netherlands-based factory to meet the “rapidly developing market demand” for plant-based foods.

CEO of Vivera Foodgroup, Willem van Weede, said: “We are one of the first companies in the world’s meat industry to say a final goodbye to meat. From now on we only focus on plant-based foods which are really conquering the world.

“More and more consumers are discovering that plant-based products can be just as tasty as real meat and have many benefits for personal health, environmental impact and animal welfare. As a result of the sale of our meat activities we think we can boost even more Vivera’s rapid international growth”

Source: Vegan Food and Living


UK’s First Meat-free Butcher Is Opening in London This Summer

In celebration of World Meat Free Week, Sainsbury’s is opening the UK’s first meat-free butchers store in London.

The pop-up will be open from 21st-23rd June to showcase the wide variety of vegan meat alternatives available and how convincing they can be to encourage passers-by to try swapping meat for plant-based alternatives.

At first glance, passers-by might mistake the store for a traditional butcher’s thanks to meat alternatives such as strings of Sainsbury’s ‘Shroomdog’ sausages decorating the window.

Inside they’ll discover over 20 meat-free products from BBQ Pulled Jackfruit and Chorizo-Style Shroomdogs to meatless mince from the Meatless Farm, vegan steaks and bacon.

The in-store butcher will be specially trained to share advice on plant-based cooking methods and recipe tips and tricks to help get the public involved in World Meat Free Week.

Visitors will not only be able to buy ingredients for their dinner but will also have the chance to taste many of the supermarket’s vegan products entirely for free.

Buyer for Sainsburys, James Hamilton said: “Whilst we’re seeing a huge climb in sales of our plant-based foods, we know from conversations with customers that there is a sense of trepidation about cooking with them. So, our Meat-Free Butchers has been launched to encourage people to get up close to the products, try what they like and take home some valuable cooking advice and recipe inspiration.

“We have carefully selected the products on offer from the growing range of over 100 plant-based products now available at Sainsbury’s, so customers are in for a real meat-free treat when visiting the butchers!”

Source: Vegan Food & Living

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Video: 3D Printed Plant-based Steak

NOVAMEAT is a startup aiming to provide new solutions to feed the planet’s growing population with plant-based meat products, overcoming the current unsustainable and inefficient livestock system by creating a healthy, efficient, humane and sustainable food supply.

To achieve this vision, NOVAMEAT’s main mission is to develop cutting-edge technology to produce and commercialize plant-based micro-extruded fibrous meat products that are accessible, safe, scalable, and of high quality, thanks to its proprietary technology.

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