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Cooking Class: How to Make Red Pepper Garnish


Use scissors or a sharp knife to diagonally cut off a piece about 2/3-inch from the tip of the red chili pepper.

Or cut straight across the red pepper to remove a 2/3-inch piece from the tip.

Make long, uniform cuts from the cut tip in toward the stem end. Continue to cut around the pepper.

Place the garnish in water and soak about 1 hour or until the petals open.

Cooking Class: How to Make Chinese-style Tomato Garnish


Cut a tomato in half lengthwise. Turn the tomato cut side down. Make a diagonal cut toward the center and about 1/8 inch from the middle of the tomato half. On the other side, 1/4 inch from the first cut, make another diagonal cut down toward the center of the tomato. Both cuts should meet and form a wedge.

Make several diagonal cuts in the same manner at 1/4-inch intervals. The final cuts will produce two wedges.

Remove the two wedges. Starting at the pointed end, cut the skin, and attached meat, down to two-thirds of the length of the tomato wedge. Gently bend back the skin from the rest of the wedge to form a petal. Repeat this procedure with the other wedge. Return the wedges to their original place.

Gently move each tomato slice, as illustrated, to form a “tiers’ (layers)

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