Summer Peach Sweet

Peach cream is sandwiched between the Danish pastry and peach soft serve is placed on top of it. Sweet and sour raspsberry sauce is splashed on top of the ice cream. Almond slices are added to accent the texture.

The sweet is available for a limited time period from Komeda Coffee Shop (コメダ珈琲店) in Japan.


New Sweet: Adult Champagne Melon Cream Soda

Half of a Yamagata Prefecture Andes melon is hollowed out and filled with melon pulp and vanilla gelato.

The server will pour the champagne into the melon in front of the customer.

The sweet will be available for a limited time period at Le Bar a Vin Wine Bar in Tokyo, Japan. The price is 1,280 yen plus tax.

The champane is imported from France and can be ordered separately for 980 yen a glass or 4,980 yen a bottle.

Hybrid Sweet: Combining Pie and Shaved Ice

Apple Pie Shaved Ice

Nutella Banana Pie Shaved Ice

The new sweets are offered by Pie Holic in Japan for 650 yen plus tax each.

Spring Sweet: Matcha Tiramisu Pancake

The fluffy pancake is available from Banks Cafe & Dining (バンクス・カフェ&ダイニング) in Shibuya, Japan.

The price is 1,300 yen plus tax.

New Cute Character Sweet

Pompom Purin Mango Custard Cream Puff

The snack will be available from Lawson stores in Japan for 198 yen (tax included) each.