New Chestnut Sweets of COCO’S Restaurant in Japan

Caramel Chestnut Parfait

Chestnut Crispy Mille-feuille

Chestnut Cream Mont Blanc

Chestnut Dessert Parfait

New Chocolate Sweets of Lawson Japan

Chocolate Parfait

Chocolate Danish Pastry

The prices are 298 yen and 180 yen (plus tax) respectively.

New Sweets of Lawson Japan

New Maritozzo of Bakeries in Japan

“Kero Tozzo” of Aoyagi Sohonke

“Mochitozzo” of Yamawaki Sangetsudo

“Ironeko Maritozzo” of Blue Jin

Summer Sweets – White Peach Cakes of Ginza Cozy Corner in Tokyo, Japan

The prices are from 464 yen to 626 yen (tax included) each.