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New York Company Developed a Vending Machine that Makes Pizzas from Scratch

Rick Hynum wrote . . . . . . . . .

Pizzametry is not merely a pizza vending machine — Jim Benjamin wants to make that crystal-clear.

As president of APM Partners, the Rochester, New York-based manufacturer of Pizzametry, Benjamin believes his machine is genuinely revolutionary, another step forward in high-tech pizza automation.

Unlike other pizza dispensers that churn out pre-baked slices or finish off whole take-and-bake pies, Pizzametry makes pies from scratch. Starting with canisters of frozen dough, the machine thaws the dough, cuts and presses it, then tops it with sauce and cheese (plus pepperoni if requested) and bakes it on the spot—all in 3 ½ minutes.

One rival company, Paline, received widespread media coverage in 2016 after placing its Pizza ATM at Xavier University. The Pizza ATM is stocked with take-and-bake pies prepared in the school’s dining hall, and response was “through the roof,” according to one Xavier spokesman.

Pizzametry also seems tailormade for university and high school campuses as well as busy airports and large office complexes. The company recently field-tested the machine at Rochester University.

Source: Pizza Magazine

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