British Supermarket Launches Vegan Fish Fingers

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Waitrose has launched their own brand Fishless Fingers, which are made from breaded seaweed tofu with a crispy coating, and they sound delicous.

Waitrose’s vegan Fishless Fingers are are available nationwide and online on an introductory offer of £3.19 and will then be £3.99 from 30 January.

The Fishless Fingers are part of a new range from the retailer, who have expanded their plant-based range with the addition of 40 new vegetarian and vegan own brand products, just in time for Veganuary.

Chloe Graves, chilled vegan and vegetarian buyer at Waitrose & Partners said “After the successful launch of our new vegan and vegetarian range in October 2018 we’ve been working to see what other interesting dishes and products we can add to the range.

“The Fishless Fingers are a great vegan alternative to a much-loved food which we hope our customers will love.”

There demand for vegan products has considerably grown over the last couple of years, with Waitrose reporting sales of vegan party food was up 20% since it’s launch in October.

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Restaurant Chef Creates Vegan Ribs from Squash

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Shaun King, executive chef for Las Vegas’ Momofuku restaurant, recently developed a new vegan dish: “ribs” made from squash.

The vegan Ribs dish features red kuri squash (also known as Hokkaido pumpkin) that is cured with a mixture of spices, then smoked and roasted for one hour before being fried.

King explained that the process develops a meaty, fork-tender texture that replicates its animal-based counterpart.

“While most people think of pumpkin as just being a Halloween decoration, I wanted to highlight the fruit in a new way,” King told VegNews.

“The inspiration behind this dish actually came from Kerry Clasby at Intuitive Forager, our farmers’ market resource. She brought us a wide variety of fall squashes, and I wanted to try the dish on her first since she is vegetarian.”

The dish is coated in a barbeque sauce that King makes with a base of carrot juice spiced with smoked guajillo peppers.

In addition to King, chefs around the country are experimenting with creating meat-like vegan dishes from whole fruit and vegetables.

At New York City’s Ducks Eatery, the watermelon ham—an entire watermelon smoked and spiced to resemble a whole ham—is available this holiday season.

King’s Ribs will be on the menu at Momofuku’s Las Vegas outpost in The Cosmopolitan hotel until the end of February, 2019.

Source: Veg News

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