Gadget: The Easiest to Use Expresso Machine Makes the Best-Tasting Espresso at Home

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The Characteristics

In its native Australia, Breville is synonymous with toasters. But since expanding to the U.S. in 2002, the company has been quietly unsettling a wide field of established brands with durable, high-performance induction burners and food processors. Its latest coup is in the automatic espresso market: The Oracle Touch uses an intuitive touchscreen to prepare—and re-create on command—your favorite espresso drink. An integrated conical burr grinder removes guesswork, and a steam wand, powered by a dedicated boiler, textures milk to your taste without requiring a doctorate in coffee science.

The Competition

Although it looks like an industrial-grade machine, the $2,500 Oracle Touch is meant to help java fiends make cafe-quality drinks at home. Jura Inc.’s $5,500 Giga W3 offers 31 espresso drinks, compared with the Oracle Touch’s five, but Breville’s precise temperature control produces more balanced espresso. The $3,000 Prima Donna S from De’Longhi SpA also has a double boiler to heat water, an integrated burr grinder, a self-cleaning milk wand, and a memory function to store preferences, but only the Breville regulates water pressure to prevent bitterness and get an even extraction.

The Case

The Oracle Touch’s exacting technical standards for temperature, timing, pressure, and steam are the highest available to non-baristas. Once you load the commercial-style portafilter, all the tricky functions—grinding, dosing, and tamping—are automated. The dedicated steam boiler creates ideal milk temperatures for silky lattes. The machine’s big selling point, though, is the color touchscreen that lets you customize and save favorite drinks, whether you like to add more foamy milk for a dry cappuccino or an extra shot (or two) for a potent Americano to kick-start the day.

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Gadget: Self-mixing Mug

Ysinobear Auto Magnetic Mug

The price of the mug is 1,999 yen (plus tax) in Japan.

Gadget: Space-saving Garbage Can for the Kitchen

Joseph Joseph Crush Box

The garbage can be compressed to 1/3 of the original volume easily without making the hand dirty. A 30-litre size garbage bag can hold up to 90-litre of garbage.

The price of the can is 27,000 yen in Japan.

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Gadget: Soup Making Machine

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There is nothing like nice warm soup as a starter to your meal. The typical way of preparing your favourite soup would be to chop and cook your ingredients in a saucepan then use a hand-held blender and pray hope that the hot soup doesn’t splatter. Then you have these soup maker machines.

These soup making machines however, has both the blender and heating elements built-in, to blend and cook your soup, all-in-one minus the splatter. Simply prepare and add your ingredients from scratch and have your home made soup in minutes.

You can do this in three easy steps. Prepare and chop your ingredients according to your recipe and place them in the soup maker. You then choose either the smooth or chunky setting depending on your taste. This feature is available on some machines only. It then chops your ingredients accordingly. When ready, add stock or water then continue to cook your soup in the soup maker.

Some machines does it the other way round, it will cook your ingredients in the stock and when ready, use the blender function to finish preparing your soup just the way you like it. You can probably tell now, there are two different types of soup maker (not including the hand blender). There is the blender style soup maker which is simply a blender with heating elements built to the bottom of the removable blender jug.

The other type of soup maker is the kettle style soup maker which as suggested, shapes like a big electric kettle with heating elements at the bottom of the cooking pan and a suspended blade attached to the cover. When shut, the spinning arm rotates the blades near the center of the jug unlike the blender style soup maker that has its blades at the bottom.

Remember, a good soup maker machine also lets you decide if you want you soup smooth or chunky and lets you saute the ingredients before adding the stock. An even better soup maker comes with keep warm function and insulated jug that keeps the soup warm for longer.

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Gadget: Mandarin Orange Peeler


The price for a pack of 2 peelers is 108 yen (tax included) in Japan.