Gadget: Ice Shaving Machine Turns Soy Milk into Shaved Ice

Snow Dessert Yukihana

How to Use

1. Freeze soy milk to make soy milk ice

2. Place ice into the gadget

3. Slide to shave ice

The gadget is made by Takara Tomy Arts and sells for 3,800 yen plus tax in Japan.


Gadget: Hangers for Bottle Draining

The price for a set of two hangers is 108 yen (tax included) in Japan.

Gadget: Cooler Powered By The Sun

GoSun Chill

The cooler’s Lithium Powerbank (which powers the device) can be charged with a solar table or a solar panel. Both devices come with the purchase of a GoSun Chill.

Once your Powerbank is charged, it’ll run your cooler for up to 14 hours in 80-degree weather.

The Lithium Powerbank can also be charged with an AC adapter. The Powerbank has an USB outlet and can be used to charge cell phones and laptops.

The price of the cooler is US$479.

Gadget: Egg Cooker for Microwave

Hario Egg Cooker (ハリオエッグクッカー)

Half-boiled egg

Scrambled egg

The cooking time in a 500 W microwave oven is about 40 seconds.

The body of the egg cooker is made with heat-resistant glass and is dish-washer safe.

The price is 1,080 yen (tax included) in Japan.

Gadget: Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

The price is 5,081 yen in Japan.