Gadget: Under-cabinet Mug Bottle Holder


The price of the holder is 1,620 yen (plus tax) in Japan.


Gadget: Grater with Bowl and Cover

Fast Attack Grater (速攻おろし)

Other Uses

The price of the grater is 1,360 yen (plus tax) in Japan.

Gadget: Multi-functional Electric Grill Pot

Boil, Bake, Steam and Fry Multi-function

Also Can Cook on Gas Stove

Make a Whole Meal from Starter to Dessert

Gadget: Butter Stick Holder

Spreading butter on toast

Spreading butter on baking dish

The price of the holder is 108 yen (tax included) in Japan.

Gadget: Countertop Dishwasher

Tetra by Heatworks

At only 18″ wide x 16.75″ tall x 14″ deep, Tetra is a compact dishwasher that quickly cleans tableware, wine glasses, baby bottles, etc. With its own water reservoir, no plumbing is required. Simply pour in water, choose the modular racks that work with the items you are washing, and watch Tetra clean your dishes in minutes. Use it anywhere that has a standard electrical outlet.

Watch video at vimeo (0:25 minutes) . . . . .