Bringing AI and Robots to Daily Life including Housekeeping

Samsung has long been at the forefront of AI and robotics innovation, leveraging its seven global AI research centers to advance technology. By bringing AI to its products, Samsung is creating new home experiences from washing machines that optimize water usage, detergents, and wash cycles, to TVs with a Quantum AI Processor that can upscale HD content into pristine 8K resolution.

The major technologies Samsung introduced recently include the following:

JetBot 90 AI+:

Coming to the US 1H 2021, this new vacuum cleaner uses object recognition technology to identify and classify objects to decide the best cleaning path. LiDAR and 3D sensors allow JetBot 90 AI+ to avoid cables and small objects, while still cleaning hard-to-reach corners in your home. Also outfitted with a camera, JetBot90 AI+ is integrated with the SmartThings5 app to assist you with home monitoring.

Samsung Bot™ Care6:

The latest development in Samsung’s growing robotics lineup, Samsung Bot™ Care is designed use AI to recognize and respond to your behavior. It will be able to act as both a robotic assistant and companion, helping to take care of the details in your life. It will also learn your schedule and habits and send you reminders to help guide you throughout your busy day.

Samsung Bot™ Handy7:

Also in development, Samsung Bot™ Handy will rely on advanced AI to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights, becoming an extension of you and helping you with work around the house. Samsung Bot™ Handy will be able to tell the difference between the material composition of various objects, utilizing the appropriate amount of force to grab and move around household items and objects, working as your trusted partner to help with house chores like cleaning up messy rooms or sorting out the dishes after a meal.

Source: Samsung

Gadget: Tempura Pot

Peace Fraise 24 cm Tempura Pot with Oil Splash Cover and Thermometer

Placing fried food on lid to drain off excess oil

Easy to clean silicone-coated steel pot and other components

Gadget: Bento Box Rice Cooker and Dishes Warmer

THANKO 弁当箱炊飯器

The cooker can cook one cup of rice and warm food at the same time in 21 to 24 minutes.

The food warming tray has a capacity of 300 g. The price is 7,980 yen (tax included).

Gadget: LG InstaView Range Adds Air Sous Vide Capability

Chris Albrecht wrote . . . . . . . . .

In advance of CES 2021, LG announced yesterday the latest version of its InstaView range, which now comes with Air Sous Vide Technology.

According to the press announcement, LG’s new Air Sous Vide mode allows users to replicate the low-and-slow cooking of sous vide without the water bath. Food is placed inside vacuum sealed bags and the oven can maintain temperatures between 100 – 205 degrees F for up to 48 hours without water.

LG’s new feature immediately brings Anova’s steam combi-oven, which launched this past fall, to mind. Unlike LG’s, Anova’s oven is countertop rather than built in, but it does promise sous-vide type cooking without the water bath. The difference, however, is that Anova uses steam to create the sous-vide environment and doesn’t require food to be sealed in a bag. I look forward to some adventurous soul using both and comparing the results (paging Joe Ray!).

The new LG range sports a number of features carried over from previous models. There’s the knock-knock feature, which turns the glass front panel transparent so you can see what’s inside (though this feature seems more handy on a fridge). In addition to air sous vide, the LG oven also does air frying.

This being a smart appliance, there are also a number of software technology integrations baked into the new LG range including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, which allow for voice control and monitoring. Additionally, LG has a number of guided recipe partnerships with services such as SideChef, Innit, Drop and Tovala that provide appropriate oven controls. There is also scan to cook functionality allowing users to heat frozen meals from brands such as Nestlé and Kraft Heinz.

Source: The Spoon

Gadget: Desktop Smart Humidifier

+Style Smart Humidifier

Controlled Remotely by Smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Variable-colour Lighting and Aroma-diffuser

The ultrasonic humidifier has 400 ml water capacity and can operate continuously for up to 26 hours

The price of the humidifier is 4,980 yen + 1,829 yen delivery charge in Japan.