Gadget: Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer for Small Kitchen

Yamazaki’s “slim drainer basket” (山崎実業の「スリム水切りバスケット」)

The size of the drainer is 55.5 cm long, 16.4 cm wide and 16 cm high. The price in Japan is 2,806 yen (plus tax).


Gadget: Portable Device Checks Food Contamination in Real-time


FoodTech startup Inspecto Ltd. introduces a new device that detects chemical contamination in food in real-time. The portable scanner can detect contaminants at concentration levels as required by regulators, guaranteeing traceability and complete transparency.

Inspecto’s innovative device brings lab testing to the farmers, food manufactures, and retailers without time-consuming, high-cost lab testing. The Inspecto solution is fast, accurate, affordable, and saves unnecessary costs. This high-tech solution offers the food industry the ability to tailor contaminant testing to their needs and location.

“Our solution helps make food safer and cleaner, and ensures maximum transparency,” says Avner Avidan, CEO of Inspecto. “We already are engaged in pilot projects with leading food companies wanting to take product safety assurance and traceability to the next level.”

The next-gen inspection system scans the product or the crop and identifies contaminants according to specific requirements of the client. A sample is placed in a disposable capsule for detection, inserted into the device, and then activated with a simple press of a button. It scans the sample and processes it automatically within minutes, resulting in a reliable, quantified measurement of the selected contaminant. The scan can be conducted outdoors or indoors, anytime to ensure responsible sourcing. All results are stored on a cloud, recorded and analyzed in real time. This high-tech device fills the industry’s need to conduct more frequent testing at different points along the production line, with immediate results.

“Since each scan is conducted in real-time and the results are stored on the cloud, Inspecto can offer additional services to our customers that, until now, were impossible for them to implement,” explains Avidan. “For example, it enables our customers to approve or reject a shipment on the spot based on the results, and they can even use blockchain to store their information more securely.”

“We developed a portable device to ensure the safety of the product ‘from farm-to-fork’ and help food manufacture control their entire supply chains,” says Yair Moneta, VP of Business Development for Inspecto. “It can disrupt the entire way contaminants are currently being tested, reducing the risk of recalls, food waste, and potential lawsuits.”

The Inspecto device can be tuned to identify almost any chemical contaminant, in any product, liquid or solid. “The advantage of Inspecto is the ability to identify and magnify the unique spectral fingerprint of each contaminant,” added Moneta. “Moreover, you can conduct multiple scans per day without waiting for the results or paying exorbitant lab costs.”

Source: Cision

Gadget: Do-Anything Cooking Appliance

Thermomix TM6

Back before there were Instant Pots, cooking robots and smart ovens, there was the Thermomix.

And today, the original all-in-one kitchen appliance got a little (or maybe a lot) smarter with the launch of the TM6, the sixth generation of the cooking appliance popular with everyone from the world’s top chefs to working moms and dads just trying to put something tasty on the table.

The new appliance, which will cost $1,499 in the U.S. when available later this year, is available for purchase today in Vorwerk’s native Germany as well as Austria, and will be rolling out to other European countries over the next few months.

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Gadget: Microwave Hot Sandwich Maker

Bake It!

Make sandwich and place on bottom plate

Cover sandwich with top plate and clamp

Heat in microwave oven for 3 minutes

Grilled mark seen on sandwich

Finished ham and cheese sandwich

Gadget: Adjustable Storage Container

The airtight food storage container from Botto adjusts to take up just as much space as it needs, maximizing your cabinet and pantry storage and maintaining the freshness of dry foods.

As you press the lid down, excess air comes out—and stays out—with one satisfying swoosh, thanks to a one-way air valve.

Cereal, pasta, nuts and more will last longer and be tidily organized.

The containers are made with BPA- and phthalate-free, FDA-grade, food-safe materials.

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