Gadget: Waffle and Hot Sandwich Baker

Vitantonio Brand with Variety of Option Plates

Waffle Plates

Square Hot Sandwich Plates

Madeleine Plates

Panini Plates

A Total of 12 Kinds of Plates


Gadget: Egg Poacher


A five minute gondola ride is all it takes for first class poached eggs.

Watch video (0:36 minutes) . . . . .

Gadget: Stainless Steel Spatula

Tolu Spatula

The spatula is selling at 1,944 yen each (tax included) in Japan.

Video: Gadget – The Stovetop Smart Knob

A Voice Guided Connected Cooking Platform that is always in sync with your cooking and helps you cook better.

Watch video at You Tube (3:42 minutes) . . . . .

Gadget: Magic Lock Mug

It will not fall over and spill if pushed side way.

The suction cup will hold the cup steady and release it when you lift the cup straight up.

The twin-wall structure of the cup also helps to keep the drink inside warm or cool.

The price is around 2,000 yen depending on the colour of the mug (choice of 3 colours).