Gadget: Le Coupé Pro Lets You Bake and Cut Perfectly Sized Treats

Le Coupé Pro is a combination baking pan + mechanical cutting grid. Push down on the handles and voila! You have 40 identical servings of cakes, brownies, bars or whatever you baked. The bottom is even removable so you can easily pop your treats out of the tin.

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Gadget: Cooker Combines Pressure Cooking and Air Frying

Ninja Foodi

From ingredients to meals, all done in one cooker

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Gadget: Butter Container with Cutter

Place butter on top of cutter

Cover with the lid and press down to cut the butter

Cut pieces of butter (about 5 g each) fall into the container

Remove cutter, close the lid and store butter in the fridge

The price of the container set is 999 yen (plus tax) in Japan.

Gadget: Egg Slicer with Hole Puncher

Punch hole before boiling

Easy and clean peel after boiling

Cut egg into slices

Gadget: Omelet Maker

Other dishes made with the Omelet Maker