Gadget: Device Alerts You When the Pot of Water Is Boiling

BoilingBeeper™ – Floats In The Pot and Beeps When It’s Hot!

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Gadget: Organic Beeswax Plastic-free Food Wrap

Product Description

  • Cotton and hemp fabric
  • Coated in beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil
  • Self adhesive and can adhere to virtually any solid food or container
  • Becomes stiff in fridge and holds its shape
  • Will soften in room temperature
  • You can put it in the freezer but only short term; a month tops.

The wraps will last for a year or longer if handle properly.

They can be cleaned by hand-wash in cold water and with eco-friendly dish soap.

SodaStream Turns Sparkling Water Into Wine With New Alcohol Concentrate

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SodaStream literally shook up the soda industry when it first debuted. Its machines, which you can use to make your own sparkling water or soda, became insanely popular as an alternative to store-bought cans and bottles. Now, SodaStream is looking to invade a new industry with a product that can be utilized to turn sparkling water into wine.

Their invention, called “Sparkling Gold,” is an alcohol concentrate that can be added to sparkling water to transform it into a wine that the company says “resembles a fruity Riesling.” You don’t need to have a SodaStream machine to utilize it, so you can put one part of the Sparkling Gold into five parts of Perrier, Topo Chico, or whatever other sparkling water you’ve got on deck if you don’t own the machine.

SodaStream claims that their sparkling wine creation rivals some of the best out there in terms of flavor. An independent market research study revealed that 76% of tasters liked Sparkling Gold as much or more than Moët and Veuve Clicquot. That’s some pretty high praise for some bubbly that started out as a concentrate.

Currently, Sparkling Gold is only available in Germany, and the only way to get it is through their German online store. It comes in 200 mL bottles that are good for 12 glasses of sparkling wine each. The concentrate is a limited-edition item, so those hoping to score some will have to act fast to snag a bottle or two.

Source: FoodBeast

Gadget: Smart Cooking System

Heston Cue – App + Induction Burner + Smart Cookware

The system includes an induction burner, pan, and app connected via Bluetooth. App-based video recipes, curated by top culinary talent like award-winning chef Philip Tessier, coach home chefs through every step and technique required as the custom-built software and sensor-embedded pan communicate with the burner to ensure perfect results.

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