Video: Animal Character Pancakes

Pancake Art

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Video: Neuro-scientist Explains the Best Exercise to Improve Brain Function

The author of “Healthy brain, Happy Life” and professor at the Center for Neural Science at New York University, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, explains the best way to exercise in order to improve brain function.

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Video: Do Doorways Actually Make Us Forget Things?

Have you ever forgotten why you walked into a room? Turns out it’s just your brain doing its job.

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Video: Deep-sea Battle Between A Shrimp and A Dragon Fish

Not for the faint of heart and definitely not something you see everyday!

On March 27, 2017, during the final dive of the Discovering the Deep: Exploring Remote Pacific Marine Protected Areas expedition, scientists witnessed a fierce battle between a caridean shrimp (Heterocarpus) and a type of midwater dragonfish. During this impressive display of predatory behavior, the shrimp was observed impaling and consuming the dragonfish while the fish was still alive!

Another example of how exploration can reveal things we would otherwise never know about. Deep-sea shrimp are typically observed as being scavengers, not hunters, and scientists wondered how this shrimp was even able to capture the fish.

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Video: Bagels Are New York City’s Tastiest Jewish Tradition

Brought to New York shores by waves of Eastern European immigrants around the turn of the 20th century, bagels and bialys quickly became a culinary totem of vibrant Jewish enclaves springing up in Manhattan and Brooklyn. And while bagels weren’t invented by New York’s Jews (of which there are around 1.5 million today), they remain a doughy, delicious symbol of the community’s unique culinary heritage. These days, Americans — Jew, gentile, whatever — eat just shy of $1 billion worth of that symbol every year.

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