Video: Chow Down on Hiroshima’s Famous ‘Okonomiyaki’ Pancake with a G7-inspired Twist

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Video: Chef Jeremy Chan’s Two Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Secretly a Steakhouse

Chef Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale run one of London’s hottest restaurants. Watch as they process their aged beef and turn it into the foundation of Michelin-starred Ikoyi’s menu, which also offers items like aged sirloin topped with caviar, moin moin-inspired dumplings, plantain, and more.

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How Bermuda Chefs Make a Baked Spiny Lobster Dish

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Fisherman Delvin Bean opened his Warwick, Bermuda restaurant Lost in the Triangle when he discovered he was catching more seafood than he could sell. “Lost in the Triangle was one of my dreams when I was younger,” says Bean. “Because I started fishing when I was probably 18.”

Bean learned to cook from his mother, who inspired much of the restaurant’s menu, including its spiny lobster dish. Spiny lobster is the most in-demand crustacean in Bermuda due to its sweeter flavor profile and the amount of meat that it carries in its tail; its fishing season lasts seven months, during which customers flock to Lost in the Triangle for a taste.

Chef Anthony U. Gomez starts preparing the dish by cleaning and cutting the lobster in half, the long way, keeping half the meat on each half of the lobster for plating. He seasons the lobster with garlic powder, lemon pepper, and paprika. “You cannot eat anything without garlic powder,” says Gomez.

The lobsters go in the oven, and once they’re done, Gomez puts stuffing in the empty part of the shell towards the head. He then glazes lemon butter garlic sauce and plates the dish with vegetables and rice.

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Video: Wagashi – Season

Japan has four distinct seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the seasonal sense is deeply rooted in Japanese lifestyle.

Therefore, various Wagashi are made according to the changing of the season.

The video introduces “Nerikiri”, expressing the color and the shape of the four seasonal flowers (plum, hydrangea, autumn leaves, and camellia).

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Video: LG ServeBot at Arirang K Restaurant in the U.S.

One year ago, LG announced the debut of its new hospitality server robot, and now the Korean tech giant’s CLOi Servebot is showing up at restaurants like the Airang K in Johns Creek, Georgia. Since June 2022, four “LG CLOi ServeBot” robotic assistants from LG have been assisting wait staff by accompanying them to guests’ tables while carrying multiple dishes at once.

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