Video: More 3D-printed Plant-based Steaks Are Coming to Europe

Israel’s Redefine Meat has struck a partnership with importer Giraudi Meats to drive European distribution of its ‘New Meat’ steak cuts produced on 3D printers.

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Video: Jumbo Kingdom – World’s Largest Floating Restaurant (2018)

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Video: Robot Burger Vending Machine

The RoboBurger, a fully autonomous vending machine that makes a complete burger in minutes, showed up at the Newport Centre mall in Jersey City, New Jersey. The box measures 12 square feet, plugs into a 220-volt wall socket, has a built-in refrigerator and an automated griddle and cleaning system. The self-contained machine holds up to 50 frozen burger patties and cooks each burger one at a time.

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Video: The Toxic Gas That Provides (Almost) All of Our Food

Anhydrous ammonia can cause headline-grabbing disasters, but it’s also responsible for 50% of the food on your table.

It all boils down to nitrogen, and the process of turning the inert dinitrogen in our air into useful fertilizer.

So what is this stuff, how is it used, and how is something so dangerous also so vital?

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Video: Harvesting Saffron, the World’s Most Expensive Spice

Gulzar Ahmad Kuchay has been selling saffron for over 30 years.

Every autumn his family comes together for the annual harvest in the pampore region of Kashmir. Together they pick saffron flowers, separate the stigma from the petals, dry the spice, and package it up to sell to local shops.

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