Valentine’s Day Bagel

From Bagel and Brew in Orange County, USA

New Snack – Waffle Chocolate Dip

Crispy Waffle Bits with Smooth Chocolate Sauce

Character Roll Cakes


The Characters

12-ingredients Gilded Ehomaki Sushi

Inside the sushi roll are:

  • Tuna from Oma, Aomori
  • Japanese puffer fish from Hyogo
  • Red sea bream from Nagasaki
  • Longtooth Grouper from Nagasaki
  • Oval squid from Nagasaki
  • Kuruma prawn from Ehime
  • Steamed abalone from Miyazaki
  • Boiled conger eel from Miyazaki
  • Boiled horsehair crab from Hokkaido
  • Salted herring roe from Hokkaido
  • Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce from Hokkaido
  • Raw sea urchin from Hokkaido

The roll is wrapped by a thin sheet of gold leaf.

Chocolate with Traditional Japanese Kimono Patterns

These Chocolat de Kissho chocolates were created through a collaboration between pastry chef Tomomi Chiba and fourth-generation Yuzen kimono hand-painted dyeing master Hiorya Yoshikawa.