New Veggie Burger at Umami Restaurants in the U.S.

The Taste-like-meat Impossible Burger

The burger is a gourmet burger and is sold for US$16 each. Each of the 19 restaurants nationwide offering the Impossible Burgers now will only sell 50 burgers per day.

Sweets with Melon

Melon Parfait

Melon Smoothie

Cherry Blossom Matcha Latte

Japanese Sweet: Banana Daifuku (バナナ大福)

It looks just like a banana!

Parfaits for Adults Served at Italian Restaurant Zillion in Japan

African fruit tomato and honey parfait with tomatoes composted with honey and berries, salt, mozzarella cheese, and soy milk

Nishio’s green tea with Ise tea parfait, a Japanese style parfait using matcha and Ise tea, chocolate and gold powder containing orange sake and black honey

The parfaits will be served for a limited time and the price is 1,300 yen each.