New Burgers in the Menu of Lotteria Fast Food Chain (ロッテリア) in Japan

Avocado Shrimp Burger

Tartar Tartar Shrimp Burger


Chart of the Day: Is Your Workout Working?

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Character Sweets – Pompompurin (ポムポムプリン) Ice Cream

Custard pudding ice cream with Oreo cookies, M&M, and caramel sauce

Chocolate ice cream with brownie, raspberries and chocolate fudge

Celebrity Chef Launches Photo App for Taking Better Food Pics

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Posting pics of your meals on Instagram is de rigeur for the modern-day eater. However, there is still a huge gulf between what you snap and share versus the gorgeous photos done by the pros.

To help minimize that gap between foodie and photog, famed cook and cookbook author Nigella Lawson announced Foodim, a new photo app to help the average (sloppy?) Joe take better pictures of their meals. From a post Lawson’s website:

. . . . . . I’ve been working for some time with my longtime cameraman to develop a food photography app with a built-in filter designed to optimise food and a back-of-shot blur dependent on the angle of the phone (as well as a draw-to-blur feature) to give depth of field. And I’m very excited to say that FOODIM is now available (just on iOS for now – but hopefully on Android soon) in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. And it’s free! . . . . . .

The followings are some of the features listed on the download page:

Caption your photos, add your recipes, notes or location as wished, and share with your friends and followers.

Browse to see what everyone’s cooking and eating, get inspired, and connect with a welcoming community.


  • Foodim’s auto-applied filter helps you point, shoot and share beautiful food images in an instant
  • Advanced editing tools – add depth of field with draw-to-blur, contrast, colour temperature and more
  • Add notes, your recipes or location – share your discoveries, restaurants and passion for food
  • Save photos as drafts (so you can edit and post them after you’ve eaten)

So Foodim is more than just a photo app, it’s also creating a mini-social network dedicated to food photography. Given the popularity of food photography and the cesspool that more general social network comments have become, this is a shrewd move by Lawson. If she can build a substantial enough audience on her app, she’ll also have an engaged audience to enjoy Lawson’s own pictures of food, which could in turn inspire people to buy her books.

Source: The Spoon

Charts of the Day: Healthiest Countries in the World

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