Character Donut

Crispy Cream Premium Polar Bear

The donut is sold at JR Art Nagoya Takashimaya in Japan for 280 yen each.

Shaved Ice Dessert With Edible Lego Topping

Summer Sweets with Berries or Mango from Legoland Japan

Character Curry Dishes


Tea-flavour Soft Serve Ice Cream

With Cute Deer Cookie

The 100 US Dollars Avocado Toast

So, what ingredients are included in this avocado toast? Obviously you begin with a massive slice of sourdough bread, a mountain of smashed avocado, beautiful buttered poached lobster, ricotta cheese, white truffle shavings, and edible gold flakes.

The toast is offered by Burnt Crumbs Restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, USA.