In Pictures: International Cold Noodle Dishes

Pasta Salad

Hiyashi chūka – Japanese Chinese-style Chilled Noodle

Naengmyeon – Korean Chilled Noodle

Chinese Sichuan Cold Noodles

Yum Woon Sen – Thai Salad

Bún Chả – Vietnamese Cold Noodle

Tum Khao Poon – Laotian Vermicelli Salad


In Pictures: Home-cooked Breakfasts

In Pictures: International Desserts

Knafeh, Levant

Kouign Amann, Brittany, France

Kulfi, India

Lemon Tart, France

Linzer Torte, Austria

M’hanncha, Morocco

New Character Food on the Menu of Pompompurin Cafe in Japan

Bonobono and Pompompurin

The Characters

In Pictures: food of Etles Uyghur Restaurant in London, U.K.

Xinjiang Uyghur Cuisine

The Restaurant